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Posts on ‘April 20th, 2009’

JSR286 Tag Library and XML Escaping

It always bothered me that the JSR168 <portlet:actionURL /> and <portlet:renderURL /> tags didn’t encode their HTML character entities. The lack of encoding causes your HTML 4 or XHTML 1 markup to fail automated validation. After flipping through a bit more of the JSR286 spec, it mentions that in JSR168 “the behavior in regards to [...]

The Perfect Portlet Markup

I thought I’d throw together a quick precursor to another post I plan on finishing in the next few days. This post is about portlets - or, how to structure the HTML markup for a JSR168/JSR286 portlet, to be more specific.
I’ve worked on theming portal user interfaces for a few years now, primarily on [...]